International law office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ providing high quality legal service and advice to Bulgarian and foreign citizens, as well as legal persons in civil, administrative and criminal law. To ensure optimal protection of the interests of our customer care team of lawyers with extensive professional experience. On our legal services are based on the principles of high quality legal services, professional liability, confidentiality, honesty and loyalty to customers. In carrying out its activities are guided by high moral and ethical standards, combined with individual approach to every client.

In his practice we have always strived to provide effective legal protection for the interests of our clients and guarantee fast and successfully achieve optimal results. Our legal advice aimed at speed and efficiency in terms of time and resources of the client. Our main task as lawyers always been to provide for you the best solution in this case.

International  law office „D.Vladimirov & Partners“ providing expert legal advice, legal services related to preparation of documents, mediation in negotiations, litigation and legal protection to all courts, special courts and the arbitral tribunal, and the following legal services:

  • Litigation before the court in proceedings recovery and arrears on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and Germany;
  • Litigation and assistance in the production of incorporation of companies and the issuance of authorizations to perform specific activities and licenses;
  • Services and advice to companies in relation to their management and activity in the signing of all kinds of commercial transactions, litigation and participate in negotiations on trade disputes with other retailers, municipal authorities and state institutions;
  • Registration of companies and businesses, as well as subsequent changes – legal services companies formations;
  • Litigation in the insolvency of companies;
  • Legal protection in cases with banks, leasing companies and non-bank financial institutions; assistance in disputes relating to bank loan agreements, contracts, financial and operating leases;
  • Representation and assistance in disputes relating to insurance contracts, damages from road traffic accidents and others.
  • Consultations, preparation of documents and assistance in real estate transactions;
  • And legal protection in lawsuits concerning disputes over real estate before all courts, special courts and arbitration;
  • Consulting and legal assistance in connection with the preparation and conclusion of different types of contracts;
  • Legal advice and drafting marriage contracts;
  • Litigation and protection in cases of divorce;
  • Representation in matters of substantive law relations;
  • Representation in proceedings for transport affairs, road traffic accidents, etc .;
  • Representation in administrative cases before all courts;
  • Assistance and legal protection in matters of tax law;
  • Representation appealing penal provisions before the court;
  • Legal protection in cases against the state and municipalities for damages;
  • Advice on inheritance matters and legal protection in matters relating to inherited property;
  • Litigation and legal protection of creditors and debtors in proceedings for debt recovery and enforcement cases;
  • Advice, legal representation and legal protection in commercial and civil litigation before all courts, special courts and the arbitral tribunal.


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