Insurance and Transportation

Our expert legal services in the area of insurance and transportation law will help you negotiate fair insurance compensation and give you confidence if you need to file a claim for insurance compensation with a court of law.

Very often insurance companies take advantage of their potential customers who do not use legal help when they take out insurance policies. They offer them compensations which are significantly lower than the actual compensation levels, the expert assessment they provide in case of an insurance event are not always accurate which in turn affects the amount of the final payout.

Ensure you have a real protection from unexpected events and ill-intentioned insurance companies. Use competent lawyer services. International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ offers you:

  • advice when taking out insurance; renegotiation of conditions; occurrence of an insurance event;
  • assistance in case of rejection of compensation and transfer of insurance property;
  • legal protection and representation in proceedings on compensation claims for all types of insurances and road traffic accidents.


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