Areas of activity

Take a look at the various areas of activity in which our team can help you. International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ works with many Bulgarian and foreign experts in various legal fields. We are keen on providing our clients with as wide a scope of legal services as possible.

Legal advice for business companies

We provide you with comprehensive legal services and consultancy related to incorporation and management of all types of companies.
We draft contracts, prepare documents and applications for registration in the Commercial Register, we advise you on the drafting of company articles, we prepare opinions and draft proposals, documentation for dissolution and winding up of companies.
We provide assistance in negotiations and compilation of documentation on all types of transactions, transfers, sale and purchase transactions and partition of company shares.

Contract law

Our lawyers have a tailored approach aligned with the contractual relationships which the individual client wishes to engage in.
They carefully review all business and legal aspects and particulars after having gained an in-depth knowledge of the business and legal goals of the client. Then they draft the contract itself, prepare and obtain all documents required for its conclusion.
In some cases, our clients conduct long negotiations with their partners before reaching an agreement. We provide constant assistance and incorporate the agreed on modifications in the contract whether commercial, civil or company articles.
We can also engage in obtaining all necessary documents, licenses and permits to conduct a particular business.

Civil law

You can count on us anytime you need advice in the field of property rights and obligations. We offer you our professional services in property disputes and litigations over restitution of illegally seized property. We will take the care to draft all documents (title deeds, contracts for hired work, powers of attorney) which may be needed.

Brand protection

You can entrust us with the prompt protection of your brand and copyright. Here is what our copyright experts will do for you:

  • register your trade mark or industrial design;
  • protect your copyright;
  • represent you before judicial or administrative institutions.

Representation in proceedings

International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ in our areas of activity we will represent you in proceedings and defend you before any court of law or institution in the country, will provide assistance in commercial disputes, filing for, defense and representation in enforcement proceedings.

Labor law

In our areas of activity we have experience accountants keep your accounting books and payroll and the lawyers at International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ prepare the employment agreements for your staff, advise you in case of conflict of interests, termination of and entering into employment relationships. They will furnish you with all the necessary analyses and research and will take on your representation in the proceedings in case of employment disputes.

Real property

There is a demand for a comprehensive legal service when it comes down to real property both by Bulgarian and foreign investors. The lawyers at International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ rigorously defend your interests in this field.
We will assist you in the due diligence of the property’s status, throughout the negotiations for its purchase, we will prepare the entire necessary documentation to close the deal, we will take care of all legal formalities which arise in connection with the property management.

Administrative law

You can count on us to receive advice, to prepare and obtain documents to commence construction. We are experienced in the preparation of the full set of documents for public procurements tenders. We will help you in case you need to contest any administrative or inspection instruments imposing social security or tax obligations. We have also experts in tax and customs law.

Family and inheritance law

Areas of activity – although not our main field, we offer out clients legal services in the area of family and inheritance law. We work with several top experts in this field and we will:

  • advise you on family and inheritance relationships and matters;
  • prepare wills and execute inheritance by intestacy or will;
  • provide full assistance in divorce cases – consultancy, representation in court, defense and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • assistance in partitions.