Law of Obligations

Law of obligations includes the drafting of various contracts – for contracted work and commercial contracts as well as advice on and legal help with the collection of receivables. A field which requires not only knowledge but also experience and polished communication skills. Good lawyers – experts in collection of receivables and satisfaction of creditors – are in high demand by the customers.

You can find some of them in International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“.

We can prepare all types of contracts – preliminary, to the benefit of a third party, agreements for contracted work, commercial contracts, public procurement contracts, lease, loan, tenancy, deposit, management agreements, etc. We draft amendments and supplements to the contracts.

We assist you in case of non-performance of agreements, objective inability to fulfill obligations; objections against non-performance of contracts; etc.

We employ security measures which motivate the debtor to make immediate payment. We prepare documents for assignment of receivables, damages, subrogation, compensation, etc.

Law of obligations is a vast field which allows for the application of various tools – depending on the specific case. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.


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