Family and inheritance law

Family and inheritance law is a sensitive area. On the one hand, there are the laws and legal norms, on the other – emotions and family relationships. We understand perfectly well how delicate the balance between them is and we offer you to rely on competent lawyer services to protect your interest and the interests of your relatives. We offer you legal help in the following areas of family and inheritance law:

Prenuptial agreements

Drafting a prenuptial agreement is a relative novelty in the Bulgarian legislation. It came into effect only from 01. 10. 2009. You can also use blank forms to sign a prenup, however we would recommend that you leave that to a lawyer who will prepare a prenuptial agreement tailored to your specific case.

We know that when couples get married the last thing on their mind is divorce, yet statistics show that a significant percentage of the marriages end up exactly in this way. In the absence of a prenup, property is divided equally between the spouses.
A prenuptial agreement will provide assurance to both parties and will help them save money, time and avoid negative emotions which would otherwise be involved in the divorce process.


We will prepare the complete set of documents and will consult you and ensure your representation in court in case of divorce on a mutual consent basis or contested divorce.

Paternity, custody and adoption

This includes all requests for establishing paternity, contesting and acknowledging paternity, custody challenges, guardianship, custodianship, claims for awarding, modifying alimony, court orders for taking a child abroad by one of the parents, etc.

In our team we have lawyers who will provide you with effective assistance throughout the adoption process (full or partial).


We offer you our help in all aspects related to inheritance law – from advice on preparing a will to its execution, contest or revocation. We will assist you in intestacy, waiver or partition of an estate.


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