Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsel and in-house lawyers can be an important element in corporate success. To succeed, a company’s legal team needs to comprehensively approach each legal issue, analyze business and legal issues simultaneously, and help set an appropriate course for the business. These lawyers enable a company to achieve its goals, anticipate potential issues, and help serve as a moral compass for the organization.

However, not every company is in the position to have an attorney working in-house.  Some businesses decide that the cost of an in-house legal team outweighs the benefits.  Others find their in-house counsel lacks expertise in a particular area of the law. Since its inception, Leo Law Firm has acted as outside general counsel to companies large and small throughout the United States.  These clients are in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, materials distribution, and commercial real estate development.

Our attorneys are committed to learning the complexities and needs of our clients’ businesses, whatever their size.  We can address a particular issue or legal question or provide a thorough legal review of a client’s entire business on a singular or on-going basis.  We can also assist a client’s internal legal staff to provide a full-service legal team.  Whatever the legal needs of  to your business, we provide efficient, effective day-to-day and strategic corporate counsel across a wide variety of legal disciplines.


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