Annual financial statements  – the International Law Office „D. Vladimirov & Partners“ is the reason why we are working with a team of experienced accountants who service Bulgarian clients as well as clients from English- and German-speaking countries. We offer you professional accounting services in all aspects of the bookkeeping process.

Financial accounting comprises the preparation of:

  • individual chart of accounts and definition of accounting policy;
  • interim financial statements;
  • information for third parties;
  • reports and controlling for internal and external purposes;
  • VAT returns and summary reports.

Our accountants are always available to provide advice on legal and business matters. They will handle financial reporting of securities as well as budgeting and planning of finances and liquidity.

The experienced accountant will organize and keep your company’s accounting in a perfect manner which will save you losses, fines and unnecessary expenses. This will also give assurance to your employees that their files and social security are maintained flawlessly.

Our accountants will take care of:

  • preparing employment contracts and employee files;
  • preparing payroll and salary calculations;
  • paying health insurance contributions and income taxes;
  • maintaining accounts for salaries;
  • giving notifications about social security.

They will keep all accounting documents and will provide assistance in case of income tax inspections.

Preparation of tax returns for

  • partnerships and capital companies;
  • natural persons with domestic and foreign income;
  • heirs and parceners;
  • gifts;
  • members of freelance professions.

Annual financial statements
We can prepare annual financial statements in English, German and Bulgarian for:

  • all legal statuses;
  • companies with operations abroad as well as additional reports;
  • statements with or without explanatory notes.

In addition, we can prepare:

  • balance sheets for partnerships and capital companies;
  • closing balance sheets upon sale or dissolution of a company and liquidation;
  • starting balances and interim statements.

We will prepare the required accompanying enclosures, declarations on assets and any other documents for public disclosure.

We also offer you consultations on balance sheet policy.